"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known".
-Chuck Palahniuk



Such a simple, quiet word.
So often spoken; often heard.
Yet, few words harbor
Such power, such Infinite finality,
When whispered
From the heart.

You never said goodbye,—
But chose, instead,
To turn a blind eye
To me, to we,
To everything,
To everything,—
Disappearing into
Nothingness; except
What I retained
Hidden in me.

As I write these words,—
Words you’ll never read,—
I wonder whether,
Wherever you may be,
You might sense my release,
My setting you free,
Forever, finally; and,
I realize, it’s not you, but me
Finally being freed.

Still, where my whispered words
Once traveled leagues,
Perhaps these
Might find an ill-worn path
To carry my final heartfelt message
Home to you,—
My “Goodbye”
Whispered for two.

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